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Principal Desk

Dear Aspirant,
The Oriental College of Nursing started in the year 2008, has within a span of 8 years achieved recognition as one of the top colleges of Nursing. We offer a 4-year B.Sc. Nursing Degree, Three Years G.N.M. Diploma and 2 Years A.N.M. program. A commitment to excellence in teaching, Research, Service and Leadership is the essence of our program. 
Our faculties continue to grow in stature by contributing to practice-based research and innovative method of teaching.
Our students of the earlier batches passed out with flying colours with a success rate of 100 %. We are looking forward to add more programs relevant to quality nursing care. 
Nursing is at crossroads with unlimited opportunities in the hospitals, communities, research centers and health development programmes with societies increased recognition of nurse’s contribution to improve health care; we are in a position to demonstrate our professional leadership. 
A partnership with OCN can lead to excellence in education, practice, research and services.


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